Seussy swine

Keeping true to the strange luck of Fancy Fonts, large piggy banks seem to be everywhere now, while the medium banks that are currently in high demand are nowhere to be found.  Or they can be found, but without the oh-so-important plug at the bottom that keeps the money in.  Buying wholesale poses the problem of storage as well as up front costs, but it just may be the least stressful way to go.  I have a handy husband...perhaps he can construct a pig pen for me?

Little Leo's piggy was supposed to be medium sized, but he ended up being large and in charge instead.  His design was inspired by his Dr. Seuss bedding, pictured below:

I loved the bold colors and the graphic stripes and dots, but was a little intimidated by the thought of drawing the characters and almost left them out.  However, I'm wearing my big girl panties today and went for it anyway.

Large piggy banks like Leo's can be purchased for $25.  Since I'm having such a tough time finding mediums, I'm going to say they are unavailable at this time, but I'll keep looking for a way to make it happen!  Mini piggies are also available for $5 each.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook to place an order.

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