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I am so excited about the overwhelming response to my holiday ornaments!  I have been a busy little elf, working day and night to fill the oodles of orders for ornaments.  Whenever will I find the time to build etch-a-sketches or test the jack-in-the-boxes for Santa?  Much like the toddler plate and bowl sets (which we'll discuss later), it seems my favorite ornament is the one I did last.  I appreciate my customers' faith in me to use creative license to come up with something that suits their loved ones, and I hope the orders keep rolling in!  Below are a few of my latest...taking pictures of clear ornaments with details on both front and back has proven quite tricky, so bear with the sub-par photography!

Cute little ladybug for an even cuter little lady (I think the halo you're seeing is a reflection of the sweater I was wearing that day...sorry!)

 Dapper little dude

For the football fanatic - I ended up outlining the football and laces in black, but forgot to take a picture before handing them over.

For the baseball buff

Move over, Jr. 

 Frosty all tangled up in Christmas lights

 A happy Christmas crab

 A familiar looking kitty - I also outlined Kitty's bow and head in black and forgot to take a picture...argh!

Don't worry, Blueshirts, I'm just trying to pay the bills! 

A family of starfish 

 A whimsical family tree

 Not bad, considering it was done by someone from the colonies!  Perhaps I can make one to commemorate William and Kate's first Christmas together in 2011?  Rumor has it they're choosing Fancy Fonts for all of their wedding calligraphy needs anyway!

Waiting for babies...this couple is expecting twin boys, hence the blue belly and two Santa hats.  For someone expecting a girl, I'd make the belly pink or purple (I know some women just don't do pink!).  For one of each or flavor unknown, I'd stay neutral and Christmas-y with either silver, gold, red, or green.

I was told this family was a bunch of Ohio State fanatics.  Lucky for them, there was an O in Hamilton and I was able to incorporate the Buckeyes' symbol right into it.

I stuck with the Ohio State colors for the family's names around the back of the ornament.

I'm finding inspiration for new designs every day, and I'm always open to suggestions.  Give me just a color, theme, or sports team, and I'll do my best to come up with something clever.  Ornaments range in price from $3 to around $10.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook to place an order.

For my next order of business, I regretfully announce that it seems as though my plate and bowl sets are no longer available through the manufacturer.  I am incredibly disappointed, and I'll keep searching to see if maybe, just maybe, there are any out there for me to snatch up.  I really enjoyed making those, and a huge thank you to everyone who purchased them from me.   Might want to hang on to them...looks like they're collectors' items now!  Additional inserts will still be available for purchase. 

Last, but not least, the ice cream bowls I personalized for Brynn's party were a big hit with the kids and parents alike.  Even if they didn't like them, I got the stamp of approval from the one person whose opinion mattered most...the birthday girl.  She was sitting at her little table with all of her little friends and cousins and said, "Mommy?"  Yes, Brynn?  "I love this party."  Words I'll never forget!

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