Fancy Fonts for the whole family!

I just finished work on some ornaments for my sister-in-law (still strange, yet awesome that the term "sister-in-law" now applies to Meghan!).  The first furry friend ornament I made was for Kevin and Meghan's dog, Maddy, and Meghan felt she had to complete the set by ordering one for everyone else in the house.  I can't wait to see them together on display!  Don't worry...the captions will explain the bizarre names on the ornaments!  Each of the styles shown can be purchased for $5...email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook to place your order.

No, she's not a horrible person.  It's just her maiden name.

Maddy...she calls Raf "Tater"

You've seen this one before, but I couldn't separate Maddy from the rest of her family.

J.P. is a really cool cat.  And J.P. stands for J. Peterman, which is also pretty cool.

Oh, Green.  If only I remembered why your name is Green.  I think perhaps you once had a green collar to distinguish you from the crazy cat lady's other cats.

I'm working on my doodling skills to come up with some more options for embellishments.  I've got a cool swirly flower thing, a whimsical Christmas tree (or perhaps it can be turned into a Hanukkah bush if I replace the traditional star on top with a star of David?), a dapper penguin, and an adorable angel.  We'll see how they translate onto glass ornaments.

I also made the ornaments for Brynn's teachers today.  I put the teachers' names in gold and the kids' names in a variety of colors.   I added a little Christmas light embellishment to make it a little more Christmas-y and fun.  Brynn only has 10 kids in her pre-school class, so it wasn't hard to fit all of the names on the ornament using a "fancy" font.  A bigger class size is still doable, but will probably require something a little less fancy.

Don't forget about my Christmas card special!  Give me your envelopes and I'll do the dirty work for only $0.50 per envelope.  I've gotten the majority of my Christmas shopping done already (yeah, it's November 12th...jealous much?), and my husband will be demanding more productivity from me if he catches wind that I sat with my feet up for 8 minutes yesterday afternoon!  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook to get started.

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