Helloooooo November!

October sure had its tricks and treats this year, but after a great Halloween with my little pskeletons, it ended on a good note.  Fancy Fonts played a role in our Halloween decor, as seen in the picture below with Brynn and Camryn's own posh pumpkins making an appearance with our jack o'lanterns on the front steps.  Looks like I'll be leaving Fancy Fonts in capable hands once carpal tunnel syndrome forces me to retire...Brynn decorated her own little pumpkin with Mommy's "special markers" and left me beaming with pride.

 I'm still keeping quite busy with incoming orders for the personalized plate and bowl sets, and each one I make turns into my new favorite.  Of course these sets make great gifts for kids, but imagine how excited Grandma (or Nana or Mimi or whoever!) would be to have one to keep at her house for her favorite grandbaby?!  Sets are $15 each, and include one plate, one bowl, and one personalized insert for each.  Additional inserts can be purchased for $1 each.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com to place an order for your favorite little piggy today!

Need just a little something to give a neighbor, teacher, pastor, etc this holiday season?  Below is a sample of a personalized Christmas ornament I am currently offering.  I will be making one for Brynn's pre-school teachers (shhhh...don't tell them!) with all of the kids' names on it.  The same can be done for grandparents by putting all of their grandchildren's names on the ornament.  Prices vary by size and detail, so email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com for info.

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