Project 52: Week 24 - Happy Campers

Since May's weekends were jam packed with events and activities, we had no choice but to plan our first camping trip of 2012 during the month of June.  What better way to honor my baby daddy than to go to the very campground he spent so many weekends during his bachelor days? Father's Day in Rodanthe...done!

Ryan was able to use some comp time and get out of work a little early on Friday, so we packed up the tents, snacks, boards, and beers and headed south on Highway 12.  It's such a beautiful drive, and it was really cool to see how the landscape of Hatteras Island has changed since Irene pummeled its shores last August.  The girls slept for a good chunk of the trip, so they were well rested and ready for Lisa's Pizzeria and ghost stories by the time we arrived and set up camp.  

Waiting for some grub 

 Mmmmm, pizza!

We watched a gorgeous sunset on the sound after dinner, then we all hit the hay pretty early in anticipation of a windy night's sleep in our tents.

For some reason, this tent came with a doggy door.  Brynn is a bit obsessed with it. 

This kid is not right. 

So excited to camp! 

Camryn's photo of Mommy and Daddy.  It's all you get of Ryan, who does not wish to be seen on the internet.  Phooey.

The next morning came around rather quickly, thanks to my tent-mate waking up at 5:45.  The wind was still whipping, and temps were only in the low 70s, so we drove south to Frisco, where we'd have some shelter from the wind.  We had picture perfect blue skies and turquoise seas:

Frisco Pier could use a little help

Applesauce...don't leave home without it!

After spending the better part of the day at the beach, we headed back up to the camp house, as Camryn called the campground, to try to get a little kayaking in before they put the boats away for the evening.  Camryn fell asleep in the car, and I certainly wasn't about to wake her, so Brynn and Ryan got some Daddy-daughter time out on the water together:

While they kayaked, I sat in the car with Camryn and finished my book.  Sadly, I completely missed Ryan taking Brynn out on a jet ski...rats!  We'll just have to go back again soon.

That evening, we grilled some hot dogs and made s'mores...s'mores make the Psimas girls smile:

After a better (and longer) night's sleep, we hit the beach in the morning before heading back to VB.  Some of our best buds came down to OBX for the day and joined us in Rodanthe for some playtime:

Someone's missing... 

Oh, here she comes! 

Cuz we're the four best friends that anyone could have!

If you ask me, Ryan and Trip couldn't have asked for a better Father's Day...on the beach with six beautiful ladies!  Lucky men.  Luckier ladies.

To cap off my enjoyment of the weekend, I got to catch the Dave Matthews Band concert when we got back to VB.  

Great seats, terrible picture.

Dave never disappoints, and I think even my unborn nephew had a good time:

 Rock on, little Raf.

The next day proved to be rather brutal, but my girls were on their best behavior as Mommy recovered from a fantastic weekend.  Thank goodness!

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