Project 52: Week 22 - Psum Psum Psummertime

I recently posted a picture of my girls on Facebook, on which my beloved college roommate commented, "Can I be your daughter?  I want their life."  Which got me thinking...dang!  I want their life, too!  Don't get me wrong...I am very lucky to have grown up the way I did.  Living a few miles from New York City, we took field trips on yellow school buses to places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, and Broadway shows.  My brother's chorale group even performed at Carnegie Hall.  I went to high school with the richest of the rich, the poorest of the poor, and everyone in between.  Dozens of countries were represented by our student body, and we had access to the greatest bagels, pizza, and delis on the planet.  

My children already have such a different life than I did at their age.  They've run in road races, have been surfing since the age of 1, and odds are they will use the word "y'all" on a regular basis.  They have already done more in the first week of summer than most kids get to do in an entire childhood of summers.  Such as:

Befriending a butterfly in the backyard

Looking fabulous

Learning how to make a pillow of sand under your towel and soaking up some rays

Meeting a turtle in the front yard

Seaside wrestling

S'mores...nuff said

Getting front row seats to an impromptu Blue Angels air show

And that's just the stuff we've gotten pictures of!  There have been bike rides, live music at the oceanfront, ice cream, storm watching, puddle jumping, library books, bubbles, and water balloons as well.  Is there any wonder why this little mama is in bed shortly after her kids go down?  Wearing them out is exhausting!  However, if I can keep up this pace, with any luck, there will be lots more of these this summer:


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