Project 52: Week 23 - Let's get physical

 There are plenty of not so wonderful things my kids do and say that make me cringe, knowing they saw me do it first.  I'm a door slammer.  What can I say?  When I'm angry, it feels so good to give that thing a shove, listen to the boom and feel the shake.  Once my children became door slammers, however, I quickly changed my behavior.  I also tend to use foul language, but I feel I have been able to keep it under control when little ears are listening.  Apparently, the lower the volume of my voice gets, the bigger those little ears get.  For example, I thought I had muttered a seven letter word that rhymes with "grasshole" under my breath, but Camryn must have had her Go-Go-Gadget ears on when I said it, because she took that word, internalized it, and repeated it every chance she could.  In context.  Mostly directed at her sister.  Again, I am painfully aware this is 100% my fault, and I have since changed my behavior.  

On the flip side, there is absolutely no better feeling than when your child does something incredible that she learned from you.  I love when Brynn and Camryn talk to babies the way I talked to them when they were tiny.  It is the sweetest thing to watch.  
Brynn has been watching her Daddy surf for years, and this past weekend, she stood up on that surfboard all by herself for the first of what I can only hope will be many more times.  She's going to have to...I don't have any pictures of it yet!  
I typically try to squeeze my runs in after my early morning date with Tony Horton and before Ryan has to leave for work.  He had to leave really early the other day, so I was ready to suck it up and push 80 lbs. of kid and stroller for a few miles.  Brynn and Camryn had another plan...they wanted to run with me.  I knew Camryn wouldn't last long, and I didn't think Brynn could make it the whole way either, so I pushed the empty stroller for them to use when their little legs had had enough.  Three quarters of a mile later, I lost my patience with Camryn's inability to run in a straight line, so I threw her in the stroller and kept going with Brynn.  Over a mile later, Brynn was ready for a break as well.  That kid ran almost two miles, smiling the whole way!  Once she got in the stroller, she said, "Next time, I want to run the whole way."  When we got home, they both stretched with me in the driveway.  You know when the Grinch's heart grows ten sizes?  Yeah.  Couldn't have been prouder of my girls.  Maybe I'm doing something right.

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  1. that is so stinking cute I cant stand it!! You go Momma!!!