Project 52: Week 21 - Oh, the places you'll go!

Finally, the band-aid that was Brynn finishing pre-school has been ripped off, and my tears are starting to dry.  Her last day at Kids of Grace was incredibly bittersweet...I am so proud of the big kid Brynn has become, and of the sweet things her teachers have to say about her.  But knowing she'll be leaving this warm, cozy, loving environment for the halls of public elementary school makes me want to slam on the brakes and keep this kid from growing up so fast.  We're talking about a girl who, when asked who she sat with at snack time, replies, "Emily.  Because no one else was sitting with her."  My heart could explode.  I will do everything in my power to make sure this kid isn't ruined by the little pricks that are bound to be both on the school bus and in her future classes, and I will try to let her sweet nature influence my behavior when I inevitably encounter parents (and kids!) I wouldn't mind stuffing in a locker.

My ray of sunshine, right in the middle 

Tell me this kid doesn't look like a kindergartner! 

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