Seeing double

As someone who has had her babies one at a time, I marvel at moms of multiples.  How does one keep more than one newborn/infant/toddler fed/clothed/happy without losing their ever loving mind?  Hats off to you all, including the parents of the 7 month-old quadruplets I saw in the aquarium earlier this week.  I bow down to you!

In the spirit of multiples, I want to share a pair of piggies I made this week for a friend's twin nephews.  I had no registry to draw inspiration from, so I went with simple and sophisticated, similar, yet different.  Hopefully these little piggies will help Mom and Dad save for the double trouble in their future!  In no particular birth order, we start with Quinn:

And now Mason:

Piggy #3 for the week belongs to Miss Leah, and the inspiration for her came from some crib sheets on Mom's registry:

Leah's piggy bank was quite the family effort.  I'll do anything not to have to ship piggies via the post office, so I jumped on the opportunity to send this one to PA with my brother and his wife, who were going up for the holiday weekend.  And to meet the deadline of when the Raftery train left Dodge, I enlisted the help of my mom, who kept the kids entertained while I completed this piggy with minutes to spare.  Thanks everyone...go team!  

Hoping to finish two more piggies before the week is through, leaving my slate completely clean when I go to NYC next week!  I'm happy to take orders while I'm gone, but I won't be able to start work on anything new until at least April 16th.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook with orders and questions.  Have a Fancy Easter!

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