Project 52: Week 14 - A dollar and a dream

If you're from New York (or are just the average Notorious B.I.G fan), you're quite familiar with the phrase "All it takes is a dollar and a dream."  I'm not one to regularly buy lottery tickets, but with a chance to win like a bajillion dollars by only spending $1, I couldn't resist.  Hours before the Mega Millions drawing, I threw the girls in the car and headed up to the gas station on the corner.  Should we have walked or ridden bikes?  Yes.  But that's neither here nor there.  

I wasn't able to stay awake late enough to see the drawing live on television, but you bet your arse the first thing I did when I woke up was grab my phone and search for the winning numbers.  Good news first...I got the mega ball number!  And another number in the same row as the mega ball!  That gives me what?  $3?  Fiddlesticks.  Bad news...my dream(s) weren't going far on a $3 payday.

What exactly were those dreams, you ask?  Here they are, in order of importance:

1)  Plan three vacations.  Yes, three.  One for me alone, one for Ryan alone, and one for the four of us together.  Indulgent, yet reasonable and much needed.
2)  Hire a cleaning lady.  I can't stand cleaning my house anymore.  If aliens are looking down on planet Earth, or at least my little dot on planet Earth, they're wondering what the hell this fool is doing.  It's a losing battle and I give up.

It's a short list, I know.  And while I really, really, really wanted to hire that cleaning lady, it felt good to realize that my list is short because I'm already living the dream...the dream of a younger me who always wanted to stay at home and raise her kids for a living.  

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