Project 52: Week 16 - Gotta Psupport the team

Not sure how it happened, but once the calendar turned to March, we became one busy little family.  Aside from the usual hustle and bustle of life with kids and the one man show that is Fancy Fonts, we had both girls in swimming lessons (a must when you spend your summers surfside) and Brynn started playing t-ball.  For the most part, t-ball practices and games haven't conflicted with swimming, but there have been a few nights in the past several weeks where I've found myself hurrying Brynn from one activity straight to the next.  It is during those car rides when I look over at the monogrammed bag in the front seat of my SUV when I get a good chuckle...I'm such a mom.  

As amusing as it is to get a glimpse of my future as a taxi driver, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching my girls participate in these activities.  They both love their swim classes, and I love seeing Camryn spending some one on one time with Daddy in the pool.  I'm pretty sure the two of them are having the most fun out of any of the other Mommy or Daddy/toddler pairs in the pool!  Brynn is now more than comfortable going under water, and in case she's not the next Summer Sanders, she's got baseball to fall back on:

Look out, Derek Jeter...Brynn Psimas is after your job!

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