Busy little elf

My stack of ornaments is rapidly depleting as I complete orders and they're picked up, shipped, or sometimes even delivered by yours truly.  I've done ornaments to commemorate lots of big events, like the birth of a new baby, baby's 1st Christmas, newlyweds' 1st Christmas together, and even one for an 18 1/2 year old dog (that's 129 1/2 in dog years, in case you were wondering!).  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook to place an order.  Here are the latest and greatest:

This one is rivaling the sandcastle for top honors as my new favorite.  I made this one for a little guy who is spending his first Christmas in Hawaii because his dad is stationed there.  Mele Kalikimaka, Lopers!  This big Kahuna is $8.

Don't forget about the one who does your dapper do this holiday season!  Mom's hairdresser is getting this one - large ornament, $8 

For the ATV enthusiast - medium ornament, $4

 Soccer star Sarah.  The picture came out really bright, but she has blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and a pink shirt. Artwork can be modified to suit your futbol hero. Medium ornament, $4

Again, this picture came out pretty bright, but the keychain says "Ashley" in pink, and the key has the year on it.  This one is for a girl who just got her driver's license this year.  Medium ornament - $4

What's up with my camera???  I swear this little angel chef has eyes and rosy cheeks too!  Hair and eye color can be modified for your little Emeril or Giada.  Medium ornament - $4 

(Insert Kip Dynamite voice here) I love technology - medium ornament - $4

I'll be working on some personalized vases for some pre-school teachers tonight, so stay tuned to see if I had any success!  I am also obsessively tracking my plate and bowl sets, and it seems as though they'll be arriving today.  Just might greet the UPS lady at the curb and give her a big ol' smooch...hope she doesn't mind!

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