Project 52: Week 18 - When you're strange

One can use a variety of adjectives to describe my children, but dull is not one of them.  Lacking in personality they are not.  I love observing how completely different these two girls are, despite their similar exteriors.  Brynn shows her excitement rather quietly, while Camryn is known to go...ummmm, how you say...ape shit?  Most days, Brynn is happy to allow me to choose her outfit, while Camryn will stand in front of her closet, shaking her head as I pull dress after dress from the rack, trying to win her approval and move the heck on with our day (and just FYI, when buying dresses for Camryn, they must "spin."  Consider yourself warned).  Brynn avoids drama, while Camryn stirs the pot.  Fascinating, I tell you.  

I love when I can catch their little quirks with my camera.  I look through my pictures every now and then and just think, "These kids are so weird!"  And I love it.  Exhibit A shows what Brynn feels are essential items for her backpack on a Monday morning:

Count 'em.  Not one, but two sets of fake teeth.  Why???

Exhibit B shows a playtime example of what getting Camryn dressed in the morning is like:

Apparently the costume she really wanted was at the bottom of the toy box.  And how delicious is that baby belly?!

So don't let their little cherub faces and gleaming halos fool you...

...these kids are total wack jobs!

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