Do your best, forget the rest.

To say that my first craft fair experience was a bust is a bit of an understatement.  Let's put it this way...I made one lonely little sale, and it was to an established Fancy fan who knew I'd be out there on Saturday.  And while I'm most appreciative of my solitary customer, I'm really bummed I missed out on some quality beach time with my husband and girls that morning.  I think our problem was our location.  We were with three other vendors in an area separate from all the other vendors, so no one really wandered over to us, despite our freakin' adorable set up:

Not bad for a couple of craft fair first timers, wouldn't you say?

Our booth was about 80% Me Sew Crazy, 20% Fancy, and this was my little corner of cuteness:

The location and height of Adler's NYC piggy attracted the smallest of the craft fair patrons.  It was the only boyish piggy bank I had on display, so I made up a few photo collages of piggies past:

I'm pretty sure not a single business card was taken from my cute little green bucket either, which was really the whole purpose of me doing this craft fair.  Even if I didn't sell much, I was hoping to get my name out there and get on people's radar for future gifts.  All I can say is oh well, I tried my best.  I spent a beautiful morning with a great lady, and even got a visit from my favorite ladies of the little variety.  I'm so glad they came to see me in action, even if I wasn't very successful.  Now I'm left to wonder, what should Fancy Fonts try next?

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