Bright lights, pig city

 Typically, when people order piggy banks, they give me a specific idea for the design...a favorite stuffed animal, tv show, superhero, or even just a pattern on some crib sheets. Some of my most challenging piggies have been for customers who give me nothing to go on, and they're also the most rewarding to me.  

Maybe it's because I had just finished a few beachy piggy banks and was bored with the theme, or maybe I just had a hard time visualizing a beachy piggy in a Brooklyn apartment.  For Adler's piggy, I decided to start with some subway letters and see where it took me.  Throw in some graphic lines to represent the NYC subway map, a Yankees logo, and some classic NYC landmarks, and you've got yourself a certified city swine.

And no, the Statue of Liberty will not be getting a face.  She'll thank me, I promise.

After Adler's piggy joins a few others on display at this weekend's craft fair, I'll ship him off to Brooklyn.  Hang tight, little buddy...you can start saving your pennies soon!

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