Project 52: Week 8 - Fashion Police

I hate shopping for clothes for myself.  HAAAAAAATE it.  I always see things that are adorable on the hanger or on other people, but when I try it on...ugh.  But spring is coming, and I could use some new clothes.  Afterall, I just purged about 75% of my closet.  Some people follow the rule that if they haven't worn something in a year, toss it.  Well, my rule was more like if I haven't worn it in a decade, toss it.  With the exception of two Ithaca is Gorges t-shirts I couldn't bear to part with, as well as this gem I Fancied up for my bachelorette party, long before Fancy Fonts was even a twinkle in my eye:

The disturbing experience is a story for another time.  Back to hating shopping.  

The girls and I hit up TJ Maxx yesterday to get some new spring clothes for Brynn.  I found a few adorable tops and a really cute dress for her, so I was feeling quite confident I'd find a little something cute for myself, too.  I grabbed a few things off the rack and headed to the dressing room.  While I was 0 for 4 in the trying on department, it was really fun to see my girls watching me try stuff on and tell me I look cute, even though I did not share their generous opinion:

Can't I just trade places with them?  They look cute in anything!

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