Project 52: Week 6 - Just imagine

I often write about how funny I think Brynn's imagination is.  The girl could sit by herself at the kitchen table with a tiny teddy bear and a shoe and create an entire fantasy world around it.  She turns just about everything into a plaything with a name and personality all its own...toothbrushes, pencils, she even turned a foam noodle into a pirate she named Buddy (I could have sworn I took a picture of Buddy, but couldn't find one anywhere...my apologies).  

Here are a few recent examples of Brynn's imaginative play:

Buttons, right?  Nope.  It's a button family.  Clockwise from left, there's "the mommy, a kid, a baby, and a kind of baby kid."  They sleep on her bedside table.

Here are Brynn's fingers, stuck inside Strawberry Shortcake's shoes.  She calls it the "shoe bandit."  I can't make this stuff up.

One of my favorite things Brynn does is care for inanimate objects as if they were pets.  Case in point:

Here is Brynn's piggy bank, reading "Happy Birthday, Little Pookie."  Apparently, the piggy bank "likes to read about pigs because she's a pig."  And she's wearing glasses because "she can't quite see."  Brynn puts a sleeping cap and a blanket on her piggy bank every night.  She also likes to wear these glasses, and while I hope her perfect vision stays with her well into adulthood, bespectacled Brynn is pretty darn cute:

I love getting down and playing with Brynn, but sometimes it's even better to just be a fly on the wall...with a camera!

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