Project 52: Week 5 - Sleepover

Much like the rest of us, Brynn couldn't wait until Friday this week.  We had attempted to let the girls have a sleepover in Camryn's room one night last week, but Brynn developed a relentless cough in the middle of the night, and I had to move her back to her own room so everyone could get some sleep.  She was so disappointed, and I promised we could try again on Friday.  

Well today is Friday, and Brynn was so excited that she told me she wanted to go to bed at 6:53pm.  We managed to keep them up for a little while longer, in the hopes of wearing down the little spitfire that is Camryn Jane to the point of utter exhaustion.  Note to self:  Camryn doesn't really have a point of utter exhaustion. She kept Brynn up with questions about Eli (a boy in Brynn's preschool class that Camryn talks about quite frequently), trips to the bathroom, and some good old fashioned silliness.  But before Brynn started to get rather irritated with her sister, they had a lot of fun together, and were already talking about when and where the next sleepover is going to be.  

Cuddled up for a bedtime story.

And there's no way Brynn would sleep anywhere without Ellie, so she fashioned a sleeping bag for her beloved elephant out of Camryn's throw pillow:

Upon leaving Camryn's room for the sixth or seventh time, I explained to Brynn that the word "sleepover" isn't all that accurate, as there usually isn't a whole lot of sleeping going on.  Perhaps I should take note of this myself and hit the hay while all is quiet up there!

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