Project 52: Week 28

The girls were upstairs playing while I finished cleaning up after dinner.  I was mentally preparing for the home stretch of the day that is the bedtime routine.  From the bedrooms upstairs, I was hearing squeals of delight instead of shrieks of displeasure (for a change), and as I climbed the stairs, I was eager to get a peak of what they were so excited about.  I opened the door to Camryn's room...

"MESS!" Camryn shouts, grinning from ear to ear.  For what may be the first time ever, I was not amused by her cuteness nor her comedic timing.  An entire dresser of clothes lay strewn about the floor, adding another 15 minutes to my time on the clock when all I wanted to do was punch out.  At least the overtime pay is good.  Oh, wait...

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  1. What a terror! A cute terror....but a terror nonetheless. ARGH! She should meet Olivia Grace who had fun decorating her room with baby powder a few months ago!

  2. This picture doesn't tell the whole truth...poor Camryn was a mere accomplice to the mayhem. Brynn was just as delighted with the mess, but she's old enough to know better, hence the frustration.

  3. Yeah, been there. I totally feel your pain. I had to hide Olivia's clothes in her closet for awhile because she wouldn't stop taking all her clothes out of the drawers. They didn't mention this stage in my parenting books. ha

  4. I've been there too. Bedtime is not a good time for messes. Us mommy's are SO ready to take that break we look forward to so much....
    oh and I think there's an unspoken law that parents don't tell these parts to their kids....just let them figure it out on their own once they have kids. LOL