Minnie piggy

Man, it feels good to have some work to do!  I've kept busy this week making invitations for Camryn's birthday party (and returning the fill-in ones that just weren't gonna cut it!), and now I have some baby shower invitations and thank you notes to address.  And leave it to Dayna to throw in an order for a plate set and piggy bank, which allowed me to catch up on almost an entire season of Real Housewives of NYC in one day!  I posted the plate set already, so here's the pig:

Large piggy banks like Olivia's can be purchased for $25, while medium piggies are available for $15.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook to place an order.  August is almost upon us, so take advantage of Fancy Fonts' July special before it's too late!  Tell a friend about Fancy Fonts and you'll both receive 10% off your next Fancy Fonts purchase!

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