Project 52: Week 26

Week 26?!  I can't believe we're halfway through this year already!  Time it is a-flyin, and nothing makes you realize this more than having a birthday.  I don't know how I became a thirty-something...I certainly don't feel like one.  The modern marvel of Facebook has made birthdays feel like a walk down memory lane.  With all of the "Happy Birthday!" wall posts I received yesterday, I was reminded of all of the places I've been and people I've met throughout my entire lifetime.  Every stage of my education and every job I've ever had was represented right there on my Facebook wall.  Throw in the first boy I ever kissed along with some long lost cousins, and all I needed was a cheesy song like "Through the Years" to complete my birthday montage.  

Being reminded of the past makes me even more grateful for the present.  I spent most of my birthday with friends and family, and even got some time to be all by myself for a little while.  I ended the day in my happy place...at home with my loves, big and small.  Another year, off to a great start.

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood

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