Three's Company

While I am not willing to commit to a full blown Project 52 this year, I will try my best to blog a little bit more than I did the second half of 2012.  Here's my first attempt of 2013, which will almost certainly be interrupted by a trip to the bus stop and some kindergarten homework.

As you may have read in my last post, I ended 2012 with a 10 day staycation, holed up with my three favorite blonde haired, blue eyed people that I had neglected while being Fancy all fall and until Christmas.  This leisurely pace has continued through the first week of January, and now I have a third little person along for the ride sometimes.  

Meet Jude.  He's my 9 week old nephew, and his parents have entrusted me with his care while they both save the world, sometimes literally.  Big mistake.  Huge.  This is the baby they left:

Photo: :(

This is the baby he became under my supervision:

Photo: Jude's first day hazing...such a pretty baby!

File under "Blackmail."  But really, three has been a charm.  It took a while for me to be ok with ending my run of reproduction after two, and I was a little bit worried that spending so much time with a teeny little guy would make my ovaries yearn for another.  So far, this hasn't been the case.  I am loving the smiles, the coos, and the snuggles, and I think I get to enjoy it even more because I know I'm on the clock.  The time I am responsible for keeping this child happy is finite.  I don't have to worry if he'll sleep through the night.  I don't have to potty train him.  I don't have to save for his education.  I don't even have to worry if he knocks up his girlfriend in high school (I might actually encourage this...by the time Jude is in high school, I might need the business!).  I just get to enjoy him while he's little and watch him grow up with my own kids, who fight over who gets to help me more with Jude duties (and doodies...they come running when I say he pooped):

  Jude is my little bonus baby, and I'm so glad I get to hang out with him as much as I do.  My uterus can chill...its work here is done.

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