Project 52: Weeks 28-52

Ok, so maybe 2012's Project 52 turned into more of a Project 27, but I'm gonna look at this glass of blog as being more than half full.  If I remember correctly, I spent the last few weeks of summer enjoying the surf, sand, and my sweets way too much to be bound to a computer for any length of time:

We had the East party of five come stay with us for a long weekend, and the cuteness scale measured off the charts during their visit:

Dayna came to visit...TWICE!!!  Once on a solo mission, and another time with Michel:

We celebrated Camryn's 3rd birthday, as if this kid needed any more reasons to be a wackadoodle:

We celebrated the impending arrival of a new little man, whose name was yet to be made public at the time of Meghan's baby shower:

We drove a solid 1200 miles round trip to celebrate the blessed union of Sir Timothy and Lady Haylie in great state of Rhode Island (which is neither a road nor an island...discuss):

We even got to spend some more time with the Easts and sneak in a visit to Playland on the way home from Rhode Island:

The end of summer was mourned with a race a swore I'd never do...

...and I think I passed the half marathon bug along to Ryan in the process.  Training through the heat of the summer was brutal (although not as brutal as abstaining from alcohol the night before my long runs!), but I'm so glad I did it.  I was pleased with my time on that dreadfully hot and humid morning, and I can cross that race off my list.

The fall brought Brynn's first day of kindergarten and Camryn's first day of preschool (and a tearful day for Mommy!):

We enjoyed a Psimas family picnic, supporting Aunt Elizabeth as she ran for a seat on the City Council in Portsmouth (which she won, duh):

We did a little storm chasing as Superstorm Sandy brushed past us:

We finally got to meet the girls' newest cousin, Jude:

We celebrated Brynn's 6th birthday with a visit from the Cox family:

Brynn and I now wear matching boots:

Brynn has shown an outstanding adjustment to her new school, and earned herself the first Star Student of the Week in her class (shortly after she lost her first tooth!):

I was very. Very. Fancy:

I started 2012 in piss-poor shape, but finished strong with my best race to date:

Surfin' Santa 10 Miler

Last but not least, we spent Week 52 of 2012 with the greatest staycation this family has ever seen (mainly because we've never let ourselves do this before!).  We celebrated an early Christmas with the Rafterys, followed by Christmas Eve with the Psimases (and Rafterys, and Murphys, and McIntyres!), followed by seven days of being on the No-Plans Plan.  We followed no schedule.  We stuck to no bedtimes.  We played games and watched movies and drank good beer by a roaring fire almost nightly.  The girls played with their dollhouse, cars, teddies, and Dream Lites by day, and had sleepovers in each other's rooms by night (putting both mattresses on Brynn's bedroom floor was a HUGE hit).  They had our undivided attention all week, and it felt so good to be a "yes" mom instead of a "hang on, mommy just has to do a zillion things first" mom.  If we didn't make time to see you, our sincere apologies...we blew off people and parties to do absolutely nothing, and it was just what we all needed. 

I haven't yet decided if there will be another installment of Project 52 in 2013, as I'd hate to set myself up for failure, but I look forward to starting this new year refreshed and energized instead of ragged and exhausted. Cheers to health, happiness, and a whole lotta Fancy in 2013!

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