No one likes a copycat

I'm going to be a jerk and steal the theme of my sister-in-law's blog for this one post.  Meghan is currently blogging about "Don'ts for mothers," which chronicles little tidbits of knowledge she's learning as she enjoys the journey that is raising another human being.  If you don't already follow her, you should.  It's a good read every time.  

My contribution to "Don'ts for Mothers" is this:  

Don't bother cleaning your house until your children move out of it.  It will only drive you bonkers.  Case in point:



***Cue angels singing on high***

Brynn was minimally helpful cleaning up the playroom, and Camryn kept herself entertained looking through the books she was asked to put in their bin.  At one point, they were both just standing there, watching me.  Want to piss me off?  Stand there watching me while I clean up YOUR mess.  I snapped at them for doing nothing, so they decided to go upstairs and play instead.  While I was irritated I was doing this job alone, it was better than them just watching.  

Feeling good about what I had accomplished, it was onto the next task...vacuuming the bedrooms.  Up the stairs I went, only to find:

Ah yes, those would be the stuffed animals we put in that big pink tub to take upstairs instead of having them clutter up the playroom I just cleaned.  Completely defeated, I decided vacuuming will wait until tomorrow and went for a run.  F it.

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