Project 52: Week 51

While my husband hasn't been with his company long enough to have oodles of paid time off, he does get this thing called a "Fun and Laughter Day" every year.  Basically, he gets an extra day off each year that doesn't count against his regular vacation days, AND the company reimburses him $100 of whatever he spends that day.  The only catch is that whatever they pay for has to invoke fun and laughter.  Um, done!  So after Brynn's adorable Christmas program at school, the four of us hit the lanes for the first ever Psimas Family bowling outing:

How stinkin' cute are they in their little bowling shoes?!  Camryn was more than a little disappointed when she learned we couldn't keep them. 

Brynn has stated in the past that she "only likes not heavy things," so she had no interest in rolling even the lightest bowling ball through her legs.  These ramps proved to be critical to our fun and laughter. 

We still had money to burn after two games of bowling, so we moved on to our favorite Italian restaurant where both kids are known to eat every morsel of pizza off their plates.  We ate like kings (and queens and princesses):

And the girls were on their best behavior, despite a really long day of being on the go:

We detoured through some neighborhoods to check out some Christmas lights on our way home.  Our bellies were full of delicious food, and our day was full of fun and laughter.  Thanks, Ryan's company!

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood

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