Project 52: Week 50

It seems like lately, I've had a lot of challenges to discuss with my fellow warriors of motherhood.  The antics of the 2 year old.  The sass of the 5 year old.  Finding time to manage a household while also running the one man show that is Fancy Fonts.  When summer ended, the circus began, and I've been the juggling act ever since.  I've certainly dropped the ball when it comes to keeping house, but I could care less.  If I have to live among a mess to make my kids' happiness a priority, so be it.  And while this stay-at-home mom gig I have can be terribly thankless, I'm frequently rewarded with little moments of sweetness from my girls, and it's all the pat on the back I need to keep on keepin' on.  

Like so many others before him, this bird flew a kamikaze mission straight into the 2nd floor window of Camryn's bedroom, plummeting to the deck below.  He lay dazed for a while, but finally got up to his feet.  Brynn tried to nurse him back to health by feeding him this stick, and she kept coming back to check on him every few minutes.  The look of concern on her face was priceless.  

While an actual man dressed as Santa will send Camryn running for the hills, she loves this little one who shakes his bum to "Jingle Bell Rock."  She choreographed her own routine to the song, and finished with a kiss.

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  Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood

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