Project 52: Week 15

It seems as though most of the pictures I take of my girls are of one or the other.  They are rarely in the same spot, doing the same thing.  I try to respect Brynn's need for personal space and time away from the little sister who wants to be just like her, but I love love love when they are in close proximity AND doing something other than battling over a toy.  Granted, sometimes the closeness is forced upon them, but I take what I can get!

 Every peaceful bike ride includes a lollipop for Camryn!

Just like big sister 

 The girls were rewarded for their good behavior during a beach photo shoot with a Frosty.  We're now at a point where Brynn demands her own.

Oh, it's gonna be a good summer!

BOB, my new love

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Project 52 Glimpse Into Motherhood

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