Glamorous Gourds

I didn't expect anyone to order a white pumpkin sight unseen, so I asked on Facebook if anyone wanted to be the guinea pig.  Should have known I can always count on Mom!  The white pumpkin would make a great gift for someone with a fall birthday, or even as a token of thanks for whoever hosts your Thanksgiving feast.  Both white and orange pumpkins are being sold for $10 each.  Email me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com to place your order.

I attempted to outline the black lettering in silver on the pumpkin below, and it turned out pretty cool.  For whatever reason, when I tried on other pumpkins, the silver ink bled into the black and looked terrible.  Trying to find a solution because I love the way it looks with the silver.

(About 10 days later)
Maybe I should have just tried a different silver pen?  

Couple's pumpkin above and below

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