Fancy Fonts' New Endeavor

And I thought getting new gel pens was exciting!  Here is a sample of the latest and greatest from Fancy Fonts:

It's an adorable plate and bowl set, personalized for the messy eater in your life.  They're made of durable plastic by Playtex and have been able to withstand Camryn's favorite game of dropping them from our counter-height kitchen chairs to see how many times Mommy will pick them up.  The bottom lid comes off so artwork can be removed before washing.  Microwave and dishwasher safe...bonus!  I have an ever expanding collection of patterns, or feel free to give me your own to personalize.  These sets are being sold at an introductory price of $15.  Extra patterns can be purchased for $1 each, so order one for every season, holiday, or special occasion.  Get 'em while they're cheap!  
*E-mail me at karen.psimas@yahoo.com to place an order*

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